3CX Integration - Server Side

System Requirements:

  1. 3CX V18 or newer


Right-click and select Save Link As to download the uManage CRM template: eUnify 3CX CRM Template


1. Login to the 3CX console as an admin and select Settings | CRM eUnify
2. This defaults to the Server Side tab where you specify the integration values eUnify
3. In the Select a CRM Solution section, upload the uManageTemplate.xml file you just downloaded. Set the Query CRM value to Always. eUnify
4. Click the Test button and you should receive a 'Success' message eUnify
5. In the API Key section, Enter the uManage Firm Auth Code (located under Firm | Manage Firm | Integration tab). eUnify
6. In the Enable Call Journaling section, Set to Checked eUnify
7. Navigate to the Contacts page under Advanced and click the Options button eUnify
8. In the Match Caller ID to a contact entry select Match Exactly
In the Add Group, Queue or DID/DDI Names to Caller Id select Do not add
9. Congratulations! uManage 3CX is now configured and ready to use.

Next step is to configure the web clicent so when a call comes in, the contact information should open in a new tab.

10. Open the web client then goto Settings eUnify
11. Select the Integration tab and set the top radio button to 'Automatically open Contact URL when CRM Integration is Enabled'. When a call comes in, this setting will open the contact in a new browser tab.

Alternately, you can select 'Off' which will require the user to click the card in the 3CX popup when a new call comes in.

Important: Do not select the third option 'Auto launch a Custom Contact URL using variables'